Get Your Brella Buddi Today


    Get Your Brella Buddi Today

  • Brella Buddi is:

    • The first and only personal umbrella shoulder support.

    • Designed for use with any personal sized umbrella and parasol.

    • Adjustable and comfortable.

    • Made for everyone, young and old.

    • Element resistant and flexible.

    • Made from injected molded silicon.

    • Designed for anyone who desires to use a personal sized umbrella or parasol Hands-Free.

    • Good for all occasions, formal, leisure, work and play.

    • When you're using an umbrella or parasol and could use a quick an extra hand or two.

    • Designed to be used anytime with any personal sized umbrella or parasol, rain or shine.

    • Easy to attach and remove. Brella Buddi ® attaches to the main support stem of most any personal umbrella or parasol in seconds, no tools, no hassle.

    • The only personal umbrella shoulder support that enables Hands-Free control of nearly any standard sized personal umbrella or parasol.

  • Examples of Use:

    • Walking the dog.

    • Shopping.

    • Child care.

    • Getting coffee.

    • Reading.

    • Relaxing.

    • Home/car entry.

    • Phone and tablet use.

    • Fun and pleasure.

    • Fashionable.

    • Personal umbrella and parasol users now have the option to be Hands-Free when needed.

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  • Where is Brella Buddi manufactured?
    Brella Buddi is made exclusively in the United States.
  • Who invented the Brella Buddi ?
    Brella Buddi was invented by Christopher Smith in Los Angeles CA in the year 2020, Patent Pending status granted in 2021.
  • What type of materials is Brella Buddi constructed of?
    Brella Buddi is constructed by a process known as injection molding and the material used is a flexible, nearly indestructible, element resistant silicon.
  • What is the brellabuddi.com return policy?
    If you're are not completely satisfied with your Brella Buddi please return your purchase within 30 days for a full refund.
  • Is Brella Buddi easy to use?
    Yes. Simply attach Brella Buddi to any personal umbrella/parasol stem and rest Brella Buddi on either shoulder.
    It's that easy. Have Fun!!!
  • Is Brella Buddi available in different sizes?
    Brella Buddi currently comes in one size only.
    Brella Buddi was designed to comfortably fit anyone.
  • Is the red umbrella featured in the photos seen on brellabuddi.com available for purchase?
    The red umbrella featured in the promotional pictures with Brella Buddi is part of our design family and is not currently available for retail sale at this time.
  • What is the difference between the Standard Buddi Belt and the Deluxe Buddi Belt?
    The Standard Buddi Belt Design is 3/4 inch wide.
    The Deluxe Buddi Belt Design is 1.5 inches wide and provides a more secure overall feel when doing prolonged activities.
  • When I placed my order a message appeared saying, "OUT OF STOCK". When will you have more Brella Buddi's in stock?
    Thanks to the popularity created for Brella Buddi from Shark Tank's "Cuban's Cuts".
    Brella Buddi is currently out of stock.
    Brella BUddi's are re-stocked every two weeks. "CLICK" on the CONTACT link below to send a PRE-ORDER email request. This will insure you receive your Brella Buddi as soon as possible.

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